Don't leave the room, don't make a mistake

Don't leave the room, don't make a mistake.
Why do you need the Sun, if you smoke Shipka?
Behind the door is meaningless all, especially - a cry of happiness.
Only in the restroom - and immediately returns.

ABOUT, do not go out of the room, does not cause the motor.
Because space is made of the corridor
and ends with the counter. And if you will live
Milka, mouth gaping, Cast out not stripping.

Don't leave the room; count, that you chill.
What is interesting in the light of the wall and a chair?
Why go there, where you come back in the evening
the same, how you been, even more so - mutilated?

ABOUT, do not go out of the room. Dance, catching, bossanovu
in a coat over his naked body, wearing shoes without socks.
In the hallway smells of cabbage and ski ointment.
You wrote a lot of letters; another is superfluous.

Don't leave the room. ABOUT, let alone room
suspects, how do you look like. And all incognito
Ergo rubles, As I noted in the shape of hearts substance.
Don't leave the room! On the street, tea, not France.

Do not be an idiot! whether the, than others were not.
Don't leave the room! That is, let the will of the furniture,
Merge face wallpaper. And shut yourself zabarrikadiruysya
wardrobe from chronos, space, Eros, race, virus.


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Joseph Brodsky
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  1. Igor Bruz

    I think it's a masterpiece. It stuck in my head and not out. Why is that?

    1. live forever

      Inferiority complex

    2. Anton

      because it's a masterpiece!

      1. Olga

        Pompous swagger with vain attempts to genius….

    3. Sergei

      -Depending on whether, what stuck besides…

  2. Showa

    Children at school with his education prettier write…

    1. Anonymous

      You are an idiot, Showa

    2. Osya

      “krasivshe”? Showa, everything's clear with you. Brodsky still writes beautiful you.

  3. Anonymous

    March 2020 year, world coronovirus epidemic… Brodsky in the subject right))

    1. Seryoga

      I'll go look through Nastrodamus… There is nothing about Bradsky?

  4. Andrey Andreevich

    A masterpiece dedicated to our time…

  5. Hikikomori

    as if writing about our days, especially the last word…

  6. Dmitry

    It's horrible. I wish I hadn’t read this, would live on with the thought of Brodsky, like a very good poet.

    1. Fred

      Why did you say, and ashamed of us all?

  7. Sofia

    Just a super poem

  8. Natalia

    To understand Brodsky,need to live his life…Lump…Power…Greatness…

  9. Ivan


  10. Estelle

    Complete idiocy….It is necessary to write or as Yesenin, Pushkin,Lermontov, etc.. or not at all! Can't you do not take!