Not that I speak to you, not that…

Not that I speak to you, not that
tverzhu with grimasoy impropriety.
My mind that the sieve,
rather than a vessel of water of heaven.
At the time I took the thin
sign in the sense of pure, –
Now my soul is full
some litter hated.

Simple description of feelings,
false and malicious note,
all the chatter, but more - sadness,
for her mother - lengthiness.
Sorry, that rend this barn
before you, Jesus, sorry.
As if, not wiping feet,
I climbed into the house… And do not be sad:

because I do remember his grin,
as well as the price of rhyme,
as well as all, that is sought
cash samobychevany.
Oh do not regret your words
about us. You know yourself,
that neubytochno love
You can share with heaven.


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Joseph Brodsky
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