Along with heating in every home

Along with heating in every home
there is a lack of system. Hidden in the wall
her silent battery
flood shelter undiluted void
all the year round, regardless of the weather,
working, apparently, from the network
for raw materials, supplied death, arrest or
just jealousy. This temperature
It rises in the evening. One key turnover,
and you find yourself there, where there is no
no one: as a thousand years ago
or a little earlier: in the era of glaciation,
to evolution. Uzurpirovannoe space
never abandons his
neobitaemosti, Recalling
highly presumptuous monkey
of primordial, preglacial right
cavities for housing. The absence is merely
home address of nothingness,
preferring in the end,
behind the curtain, as bourgeois,
the brown boulders or moss wallpaper.
The details of their jungle, those unfortunate monkey.


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Joseph Brodsky
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