22-e decabromodiphenil 1970 Jacob Gordin year by Joseph Brodsky

Today the mass of different signs
- and in heaven, and water –
told me, that will be a disaster:
I get drunk today, Jacob.

Then, that the day of this cool
has your date of birth
(about what, of course, aware of Tata
and young Alex).

And I grabbed, my friend, barely
throwing a blanket in the morning,
newspaper "Pravda". there stood
the word "truth" - Twenty-Two.

Hooray! - I cried. - Hooray!
I see again these figures are!
And it is not somewhere: in the newspaper!
They were not there yesterday.

Let there be no modest numbers now
solemnity (it is clear),
but their identity is beautiful
and there is no rivalry between them!

Their equivalence is good!
And I say, friend Jacob, boldly,
the first is like a body,
вторая, consequently, soul.

Why throw in the old look
and blind trust signs?
Besides, it was summer
and twenty-nine years ago,.

And you were born before the war,.
in winter. Let your birthday
it polusovpadene
It looks easy, from the side.

does not fall, friend Jacob, eye!
Nothing in this world no sense.
And only our, Jacob, number
live before us and after us.

When we - in part… life is complicated.
It difficult to even delight.
Then it just and necessary,
to celebrate her birthday!

why else? one repeats:
the purpose of life - fame and fortune.
But fame - smoke, wealth - gadstvo.
Say not so - alive stinks.

Another dream is to live in the wilderness,
wandering in the fields and all that.
He claims: goal - alone
and the soul equilibrium.

And I say, it is - nonsense.
So he went for that purpose to hell!
When near muzzle bloody,
where to put a calm look?

And even if you are not near,
and in the distance? And even if the
sitting warm in a comfortable chair,
and someone is sitting in the mud?

All of this gum: laughter and crying,
"We're right, because we are suffering ".
And to be not less rogue
the poor man is able, The richer.

And that, and it is - a nasty nonsense:
Zlata styazhane, balance.
Я - homo sapiens, and all I
contradictions vinaigrette.

Good and Evil are two flint,
and I'm assuming you put our risk,
but I will say: Union of spark
It creates for fire.

Fire same - torn from the ground,
from Evil, Good and other trash,
almost always vertical,
as we could learn.

I will not say, that is - the purpose.
More will compare with a balloon.
But now I eagerly seized!
I strongly want from here!

The properties of James in me –
his soul and body, or
two digits - all inflamed!
I'm afraid, has spread outside.

The danger of this is clearly in vain,
I want to have the wine in the glass!
Not that torn vertical
Twenty-second of December!

sorrow! But soberly say:
your health, Jacob! With God!
Yes, with, we owe much
Nature and calendar.

game. accident. May be,
blind nature of autocracy.
But are we so happy
We would be able to obtain logic?

Jame! us a little, gentlemen,
and less will have over the years.
But, days drag in tyuryme, in Bedlam,
we will always celebrate

this feast! Others - mura.
This day we elect
dnim humored, generosity –
Quality Day Gordin - Cheers!


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