A man and a raccoon


muzhik, walking, Prohibition in dremuchiy boron,
where there was at the moment of natural selection.
Animals were tearing each other hair,
crushing rib, gnawed throats,
fighting for the dubious honor of cover pullets,
whose zadik suede loomed in the distance.

muzhik, Okay rummaged in his coat,
I took out a notebook and pencil, without
he did not leave the house,
and, perched on the victims windbreak,
I undertook to describe the process:

strongest won. weaker
- not.
And as if legalizing it,
He was accomplished over the course of the planets forests,
and through their frosted light,
Peasant nature keenly watched,
and pencil on paper flying,
in making a mess.

In the meantime, by walking Raccoon,
He looked into the scribbled notes
and I said so:
“Of course, winner won,
and female offspring he awarded.
So at the age of the animal has become a tradition.
But one thing I do not understand:
how did not ashamed Peasant
examples taken from the wild beasts?
In this examination of things
There is something monkey, her same-s”.

Our guy was a scientist guy,
but with the language of the animals are not familiar,
Raccoon and sincere speech
said only shrug.
Then he stood and buttoned his coat.

But the word "monkey" strange sound
I stuck in the brain. And he always, everywhere
He used it in his work,
won him soon triumph
and honor today, as the Talmud.
What is most interesting,
so is, that for such work
his, even though he was old and bald,
no larynx without biting.


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Joseph Brodsky
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