Man, sleepy one…


Man, sleepy one,
He behaves like a woman. A table
behaves thus like a man.
Only Muse breaks quarantine
and, as it establishes a floor
present. That's the reason
her visits in the late hours
Suvorov on snowy garden
near circumpolar band.
But this is only a call to self-giving.


Able to love, can wait
ghosts and he will not give.
He gets up early in the morning.
He could get up and later,
but it is not according to the rules. Rises
he cocks. ghost sets
by rooster, of course, shout. To give
it's easy on the cock. And wait
he starts. feed sets
Showjumping. Dispatched to get
water, to give calves.
Firewood kurochit. AND, of course, waiting for.
He could get up and later.
But this does not give him a ghost
lie in. And the cock gives
ordered him to rise from sleep.
He pulls water from the well.
whosoever shall give, He did not want to get up.
And the ghost disappears. But a match
his day of waiting comes.
He is waiting, because he knows how to wait.
Rather, because he gets.
So, apparently, ordering stand,
know about a love he gives.
He waits, not because, that should rise
to wait, and therefore, he gives
love around, that it gets,
when really it is impossible to wait.


Man, sleepy one,
can wait. Yes, that goes without saying.
He explores the five fingers mats.
With a bat, like Aladdin,
He walks in the barn, to the grain close.
Vitiystvuet with a pipette of Fortune
because of some drops of an hour.
But you never training. brat
he did not know boredom. As a child, sometimes
he counted birds on the fence.
Now he (Do not be afraid of, not, the) –
Now consider steps, fingers,
coins in the gauntlet, and around
snow swirls, prone to Terpsichore.

That's the way he was waiting for. That's how he is suffering. BUT?
I can not hear: someone weak objection?
Not, He muses he has never offended.
He was just kidding. Jokes does not matter.
Jokes too takes time.
While quipped, yet shalt,
yet come. And in the system,
in sound system, you will find a watch.
they soundless. So-and good
speech sound for him. Only the howling of the wind
It overcomes the sound barrier.
Able to love, he, throwing stick,
can wait, when the eyes blink,
and speak the language of minutes.

That's the way he says with a draft.
Able to love on the dial
With the passage of days, not only in the language
it becomes like, but, in exactly
both under glass, eyes under the visor.
In essence, his eyes alive
spring hole hour.
Dawn jerked from dingy clouds
his eyes pulls key.
And the brain, shrinking, driving face
grimace - indeed modeled
second hand. Judging by his eyes,
himself he stops himself,
aging by leaps, and bounds.


Love, you look like a fire.
And jealousy - to not knowing where
burns and indifferent to water
Burgher. And he, like Abelard,
climbs, actually, into the fire.
Bravely sparing their epaulettes,
the smoke and, so to speak, without ozarenyy.
But this verticality aspirations,
of jealousy, I'm telling you, Alas,
akin - and continuing - love,
when here as well, not sparing the shoulder straps,
and with the same indifference to the fate of
Throw-lute to the balcony,
Murzik to climb along the pipe.

Tall trees are high
unassisted. Trees
will not be with him, and to compare its growth.
Winter, of course, Silver whiskey,
frosty oxygen surging in the pleura,
skvoreshni kicking against the stars,
and he - by thoughts. moving bitches,
that he saddled. The same sound
- Squeaky - publish gates.
And he half-turned freezes
to his village, the rest of
himself entrusts the dark and snow,
invisible forest, running
roads, It betrays the power
space. acquire gums
the ability to surpass Pine.
You, jealousy, just above the floor.
A flame breaks beyond the roof.
And this - tenderness. And much higher.
She was only the sky is abroad.
A higher passion, that looks from above
beskrayney, at the burning building.
It has over time on you.
And just above the pain and expectations.
And the days - at the bottom, and night, and stars.
All mixed. AND, it is seen, forever and ever.
under the age… So the master of etiquette,
knowing how to wait, he (devil his yazvi)
crowns the hierarchy of love
shiny pyramid Breguet.

Singing in the barn for the winter cock.
And it compresses the eyelids denser.
Someday it will change the hearing
il just Spirit is stronger.
He did not hear doodle, not,
and a cute ghost will not leave. Dawn
will come. But this time,
he does not want to wake up. Eye
will not wipe. together forever,
they too will be far from places,
where winds and snow frozen river.


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Joseph Brodsky
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