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The Earth's surface is
a sign, to live
in the space allowed,
because here you can take,
up, to walk, snuff out
the lamp, look out the window.

Eight other planets
think, that they just
wrong conclusions,
and we hear their "no!»,
when they kill us
and when we are sick.

Nevertheless, I
exist, And me,
frankly speaking,
as a result it is
only being
the most expensive sea.

Although I am not an enemy of the plains,
each glacial ridges,
connoisseur desert and mountains –
especially the Apennines –
all this, they say,
bust in space.

Status of the heavenly bodies
gain at the expense of
relief. But their relief
do not splash and does not flow,
view putting a limit,
it is breaking.

Every life is a match
landscape. When he ser,
dry, limited, TVE,
What he may file
hearts and minds example,
even more so - for aortic?

When you stand on
Sirius - around
buroye fantasy
of gravel and boulder.
It spoils the heel
and does not shine near.

At the bodies and their heaven
no, how our curves
space, other media.
“Many live without, –
noted poet, - love,
but no one without water”.

Hence - my sentiment.
and soon, than tourist,
ready to pull the trigger
camera at the moment,
when the landscape is undulating,
Clam in me says.

He sings the chorus
chordates, second five
liters negoluboy
blood: in muscles and then
sushi me, as the span,
reconquered surf.

Standing on the shore
seas, morshta forehead,
peering water,
I rejoice, I can
examine the, what
nowhere else in the galaxy.

Sea consist of waves –
strange things, whose appearance
abandoned to,
it was previously vaccinated
all crafts.

essentially, water –
the sum of its parts,
that every moment
changes their mess;
and nonsense statements
aggravates flare.

waves of a certain
It lies in the
the word "wave". It,
marked by the stigma of
Side view,
their not zakabaleno.

The appearance of the letter “at”
clearly gives a tour
eight - his own daughter
infinity, so
characteristic blue,
bottle of ink, etc..

as a form, wave of alien
rhombus, triangle, cube,
all sorts of angles.
In this - the beauty of water.
It has something of the lips
with penoyu along the cheekbones.

tendency to neglect
meaning, whose depth
literal, sea ​​distance
it reminds,
torn writing,
some - Tablet.

It is because,
recognizing it as their
handwriting, singers sing
loose fringe –
bundles of voice
or pupil shelter.

He spoke alone,
wave could be reduced
your listener
overnight crazy,
saying to him: “I, simple,
not of this world”.

it, seems to me,
It would be true. This –
hand held;
it can go to relatives,
see the Colosseum,
proiznesti "of which?».

Otherwise, with a wave, whose noise,
looks like a "hurray", –
noise, managed to absorb
"tomorrow", "now", «Yesterday»,
coming from the realm of the sums, –
not recorded in the book.

There, where the past plus
future together
beat thumbs, create
the present, taste
dictates the amount of masses.
And here - the sea.

Speed ​​named "light",
white dwarf, quasar
remind sluts;
ie fire, bazaar.
Matter is the same - the esthete,
and it is better in the seas.

Any of them - probably
cast time, than
mixture disaster and
joy to the nostrils,
or - Diadem feast,
where the table - his.

A turning two
in the bottom third of the planet,
Sea - not a pretender.
The thing with the letter “at”
it says: it –
not the place for people.

Especially if three
quarter. for a wave
land - only an episode,
and fish in –
worse than a blank wall:
other world, oxygen, nitrogen.

When deciphering the "water",
revealing its essence,
give in profile or from the front
i.e, the world does
created not for us.

Is it not at all melancholy
for eternity, and so on. d.,
English wing of –
momentum kosyaka,
in a native environment for him
buried in a rock?

And is it not the Earth
only dishes? kind
fixings? And if we do not have,
pashuschye field,
dancing the foxtrot,
fringe species?

Star nod: to her,
border, fringe, ligature
lives, which by
view otrodjas
by Gromokipyaschy hectares
Sea will not distract.

they know better, who knows.
In fact, their intensity
explain in space
lack of mirrors;
it is easier to understand,
than to come to terms with it.

But the sea, in its turn,
not to us, but up,
appreciating their, conversely,
as the fictional blind
Morse fireworks.

Find themselves in a trap
or when we
nobody wants,
we can see the sea outside,
taking greater loan,
what in reality should.

In the guise of many waters,
traveling to us, ryabya,
getting up there for the buck,
crease freedom from
Total, by themselves,
not to mention - destiny.

If at all it
There is - and controversy
it is stronger in the wilderness –
she does not oduševlena,
since the open sea
wider, than the breadth of the soul.

folding tent,
sad to think about,
that the former, let us say, me,
gasping for air,
become nothing,
It does not make waves.

But if you barely
misanthrope, villain,
to you, pulling sash,
nicely, exposing her,
this freedom, chest,
to make it an extra step.


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