The world was created from mixing mud, water, fire…

The world was created from mixing mud, water, fire,
air interspersed shalt cry, "Do not touch me!»,
rushing from the plant, subsequently - from the mouth,
so you are not decided, that there was not a damn thing in the world.
Then there arose room, things, love, in person –
the similarity of the past with the future, Arias with TBC,
We began to move the letters, in the eyes of the snowy.
And the void was scared for herself.
The first felt it a bird - even a star
too, are the fate of stone, thrown into the blackbird.
every sound, whether it be singing, whisper, blast in tune, –
a consequence of friction things about their own environment.
The Scream, in the shape of clouds, in the glittering night planets
heard the same thing, "there is no place!»,
like an echo as the son of a carpenter or a ragged SOS,
in common parlance - pulse chilled suns.
And in obedience to cry “away! get out! Won!
with things!”, only after Klitschko expanse fon
life, much blinded by personal matters,
shifting towards time, where there are no bodies.
Do not be afraid of him: I was there! There, far seen,
standing in the middle of a spinning wheel wrinkles. She
It is working on raw materials, deposits whose stock
inexhaustible, until we produce.


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Joseph Brodsky
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