silly time: and nothing, and no one to steal.
Legionnaires to return empty-handed from trips.
Sibyl confuse the past with the future, as trees.
And the actors, which no longer applaud,
forget the great replica. However, oblivion - mother
classics. Someday these years
will be perceived as a marble slab
with a network of veins - water, routes
tax collector, dushnыe katakombы,
someone thread, leading to a maze, and so on. d. and so on. P. - with a beam
gorse, sticking out of a crack in the middle.
This was the era of boredom and poverty,
when there was nothing to steal, even more so
buy, nor even to present a gift.
Caesar was not to blame, suffering more other
from a lack of luxury. You can not blame the stars,
For low clouds disclaims responsibility planets
in front of habitable terrain: absence does not affect
the presence of. marble slab
It begins with this, because the one-sidedness –
enemy prospects. maybe, simply
have things faster, than people,
lost the desire to breed.


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Joseph Brodsky
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