Lithuanian Nocturne: Tomas Venclova


stirred up the sea
wind rushes like swearing with raskvashennyh lips
deep into the cold Powers,
E-F-G-A-B to extracting from stone pipe.
and shining stars tin hryvnia.
And podobye persons
It spreads in black glass,
like a slap shower.


Hello, Thomas. That - my
ghost, throw the body in the hotel somewhere
beyond the seas, rowing
against the northern clouds, hurrying home,
breaking away from the New World,
and disturbs you.


Late afternoon in Lithuania.
From churches wander, burying commas
candles in parentheses palms. The shivering yards
chickens rummage withered beaks in screes.
Over stubble Samogitia
winds snow, as the heavenly abodes ashes.
From the open doors
it smells like fish. Malec half naked
and the old woman in a headscarf drive the cow into the barn.
Jewish Zapozdalyi
on the pavement town booming balagoloy,
tearing the reins
and shouts dashingly: «GERA!»


Sorry for the intrusion.
Take the sum of the emergence of
Return of quotes in the ranks of the "Manifesto":
nearly burr,
slightly higher octave of wandering in the distance.
Because - not baptized,
do not break in the fist his cap:
Sgin before, than burst with perch
petušinoe "pli".
I'm sorry, that without asking.
Pyatsya not fear the closet:
the, cordons due, It is expanding its range frailty.
Mstya, like a stone well to mud ring,
wave on the Baltic
I buzz, exactly the monoplane –
Darius precisely and Gerenas,
but not so vulnerable.


Late Empire,
in the impoverished province.
who crossed the Niemen spruce army,
bristling peaks, Kovno in the darkness takes.
lime turns purple
storey houses, and cobblestone flickers, as
caught bream.
Top curtain rises from a local theater.
And to make the street the main thing,
divided into three
without residue.
Draft pulls fringe
curtains of tulle. Star in the boondocks
shines brighter: the card, which fell in the suit.
And it falls into darkness,
Glass drumming, hand your mouth.
There is nowhere else to fall.


At midnight every speech
acquires oven mitts blind man.
So that even the "fatherland" to the touch - like Lady Godiva.
The web angles
microphone special services in the singer's apartment
write gnashing mattress and motive bursts
general song without words.
Here panuet modesty. Foliage, Norov
choose between his face and the underside,
angers lantern. canceling the horn,
the world is currently proclaim, ant
accidentally come, slurred Morse code
pulse, scratch of the pen.


That's where your
cheeks mealiness, unaddressed eyes,
lisp and sleeps hair color,
dull tea jet.
That's where all of life as an unsteady fair sentence,
on the way to the point.
That's where my,
as a continuation of its upward, shell
in your glasses blurred, rabble riot
ivnâka, etc., the outlines of the seas,
Inverted their pages in search of the point,
horizon, fate.


Our writing, Thomas! with my, Lawn
outgoing predicate! with your gloomy domesticity
to be! Lasting, ink alliance,
lace, monogram,
a cross between a Roman Cyrillic letters: goals with the means,
both ordered Makrous!
Our impressions! in crumpled sheets of raw –
these loose convolutions total brain! –
in soft clay lovers, in children without us.
Or - just a bruise
on his cheek from the teenager universe view,
the attempt on the eye
Distance from the estimate that if the Lithuanian tavern
to persons, mnogooko looking past,
as the slanting of Mongolia for earth stockade,
to put his fingers in his mouth - this wound Thomas –
and, feeling for language, in the manner of a seraph
forward verb.


We are similar;
we, in fact, Thomas, one thing:
you, smoky inside the box, I, looking outside.
For each other, we are
mutual bottom
amalgam pools,
unable to shine.
Crooked - I reply wryly,
otzovus on zevok nemotoy, tearing apart the cavity,
I will pour in three streams
stovattnoy of tears over your head.
We - mutual convoy,
they appear in Castor Pollux,
in common parlance - a draw,
way, a movable shade,
driven by a hot torch,
echo exclamation, surrender to the ruble.
The stronger life ruined, themes
we are in it are indistinguishable
eye idle day.


What eats a ghost? sleep garbage,
borders bran, husk tsifiri:
reality always nars save addresses.
Lane shifts facades, gums like teeth,
yellowness gate, like cheese dupes,
devours the fox
darkness. A place, time of revenge
for their persistence tenant, lodger,
life in it, unlocks the deadbolt, –
and, era later,
I caught you in greasy finger
forest superpower
and plains, Good storage ideas, features
and especially pose: in raw hemp
mnogoverstnoy shirt, a buzzing steel curlers
Mother Lithuania sleep over pleso,
and you
cling to its exposed, glass,
half-liter chest.


there are places,
where nothing changes. it –
substitutes memory, acidic fixer Triumph.
There barrier sharpness suggests versta.
There are more than, the more you silhouette.
There's a face guard
youngish. The past looks ahead
watchful eye of a teenager in an overcoat,
and the fate of the intruder backs away
in this old age with spittle on the wall,
to ache, infinity in the panel shape
or ladder. Night
and vzapravdu borders, Where, how tatarva,
areas of life lived foray
threatening reality, and vice versa,
where the wood turn into trees and over again in the wood,
where the eyelid that does not hide,
the reality Pecheneg
how to pick up a trophy.


Midnight. Jay shouts
human voice and accuses nature
thermometer in crimes against zero.
Vytautas, threw the sword and shield poher,
immersed in the Baltic Sea in search of a ford
the Swedes. However, land
and she completed breakwater, chased
both flat stairs, on the waves
escape freedom.
efforts beaver
on the construction of the dam is crowned by a tear,
parting from agile
silver creek.


Midnight in the deciduous region,
in the province of coat color.
bell cuneiform. Cloud in the form of cut
on coarse canvas adjacent Power.
At the bottom
arable land, mow, plateau
shingles, brick, colonnade, iron,
plus shod in canvas upper
state people.
nocturnal oxygen
flood interference, prayer, message
about weather, updates,
brave Koschey
in round figures, hymns, foxtrot,
bolero, prohibition
nameless things.


A specter is haunting Kaunas, Entrance to the Cathedral,
runs out. Trudges on Laysvis ​​Alley.
Included in the "Tyulpe", He sits at the table.
Kellner, looking straight,
He sees only wipes, lights grocery,
snow, taxi on the corner,
easy street. Byus bet,
you are ready to envy. for invisibility
into fashion over the years - as a concession to the body soul,
as a hint of things to come, like camouflage cloak
rayah, as the prolonged negative.
For all in Barysh
from a lack, from
disembodiment: mountains and valleys,
brass pendulum, much accustomed to the hours,
God, looking at the whole thing from the heights,
mirror, corridors,
eavesdropper, you yourself.


Ghost wanders aimlessly around Kaunas. is he
the essence of your addition to air thoughts
about me,
the essence of the space in the box, but not
vigorous preaching of the best times.
Do not envy. to rank
delusional to gender,
to air properties - as well, as the small petit,
crumbled into gloom speech lisping,
clatter like flies,
unable, go, satisfy your appetite
new Clio, clad outpost,
but pleasing to the ear
nude Urania.
Only she,
Muse point in space and loss Muse
outline, how skared - pennies,
In a state full
assess the consistency: as a form of retribution
for dvizhenye - people.


That's where the pen,
Thomas, attachment to letters.
That's what
must be attributed to the gravitational, is not it?
a heart, with a hoarse "time to!»
tearing themselves from their native wetlands estates,
something to hide - from you!
from page, by letters,
from - to say! - love
sound to meaning, disembodiment - to the mass
and the freedom to - forgive
and persons not guilty –
to slavery, present in the meat,
in plot, bones,
this thing soars in ink night Emporium
past the dozing in a niche
local angels:
them and bats.


Muse point in space! Of things, differing only
the telescope! subtraction
without residue! scratch!
You, wilt thou that someone's throat
avoid lamentations
exceeding the "A"
and advise restraint! Muse, received
the aria investigation, petuyu in the ear due to,
ie song counterpart,
and look at it and its up-re-mi
there, in rarefied rank,
at the top
in terms of air.
Air is the epilogue
Retinal - because it is uninhabited.
He is the essence of our "home",
returned back home syllable.
How many gills his or grab,
he successfully Lata
light a race with darkness.


Everything has a limit:
horizon - the pupil, in despair - Memory,
for growth –
shoulder extension.
Only the sound is able to be separated from the bodies,
like a ghost, Thomas.
sound, Thomas, have it!
pushing lampshade,
looking straight in front of him,
see the air:
hosts of the,
who guboyu
heritage in it
to us.


In the realm of air! In the equation syllable throat
oxygen. In clear and huddled in the cloud
our exhalations. Therein
world, Where, dreams exactly to the ceiling,
cling to heaven, our "on!», where the star gets its shape,
dictated by the mouth.
That's what breathes the universe. here
that the rooster crowed,
anticipating great Dry throat!
Air - thing language.
welkin –
chorus consonants and vowels molecules,
in common parlance - shower.


That is why he is clean.
None in the world of things, blameless a
(but death itself)
otbelyayushtih sheet.
whiter, the inhuman.
Muse, can be home?
back home! On the edge,
where mindless Northwind blithely tramples trophies
mouth. In grammar without
punctuation. In paradise
alphabet, trachea.
In your faceless educational program.


Over the hills of Lithuania
something like a plea for the whole world
sounds in the dark: boomy, deaf, mirthless
sound floats above the village in the direction of the Curonian Spit.
That Holy Casimir
with Chudotvornыm Nikoloy
while away the hours
in anticipation of a winter dawn.
Beyond Belief,
from the stratosphere,
Muse, Look down with them
singer on the Plains, in the darkness of man-made
loaded on the roof,
on the singer pacified landscapes.
Surrounded by his guards
house and heart to him.


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