Romanian rusty tanker, barahtayuschyysya in Azure,
as a worn-out shoe, which the, sigh, Uli.

The team in one underwear - womanizer, onanyugi –
zagoraet deck, as they are in the south,

but without a penny in his pocket, to go into town,
looking afar, if he had impaled

as a postcard to a close; raid on floating flock
the clouds, the smell of sweaty armpits and bust guitar.

ABOUT, Mediterranean Sea! after your desert
leg pull entangled in the web of the street.

Superstructure and the rotten basis
looking at through binoculars port, like a camel - oasis.

Brother, only Eastleigh in the sand, losing tattoos,
can be seen, to go through the eye of a needle,

to sit there for a round table with some beloved
local blood under colored garland

and listen to, in the southern sky over the sea bathing flag
rustle, like fingers, thumb banknotes, palm trees.


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Joseph Brodsky
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