The end of a beautiful era

Because the art of poetry requires words,
I am one of the deaf, bald, sullen ambassadors
a second-rate power, contacted this, –
not wanting to violate his own brain,
himself giving clothes, I go down to the shop
for the evening paper.

Wind blows the leaves. Old light bulbs dim glow
in these sad edges, whose motto - win mirrors,
assisted puddles generates abundance effect.
Even thieves steal an orange, amalgam scratching.
However, feeling, with which you look at yourself, –
this feeling I forgot.

In these sad ends, all designed for the winter: dreams,
prison walls, coat; brides toilets - White
New Year, the drinks, second hands.
Passerines jackets and dirt on the number of bases;
Puritan customs. linen. And in the hands of violinists –
wood heaters.

This land is immovable. Presenting the gross
iron and lead, stunned tryahnesh head,
remember former power on the bayonets and the Cossack whip.
But sit down Eagles, as a magnet, iron mixture.
Even the wicker chairs are kept here
bolt and nuts.

Only fish in the sea know the price of freedom; but their
dumbness makes us like to create your own
labels and offices. And the space sticks pricelist.
Time created by death. Needing bodies and things,
Properties of both he seeks in raw vegetables.
Kochetov listens chime.

Live in an era of achievements, with sublime character,
Unfortunately, hard. Beauty dress lifted up,
see the, I was looking for, rather than new marvelous diva.
It is not that there Lobachevskian firmly blyudut,
but push the world must somewhere be narrowed, and here –
then the end of the prospects.

Whether the map of Europe was stolen government agents,
then eh five sixths of the world's remaining parts
too far. Whether a certain fairy godmother
me tells fortunes, But it can not run.
Cahors pour himself - not to scream as the servant –
To cheshu kotofeya…

Does it pulyu in high, if in place of the finger errors,
whether to pull out of here by the sea new Christ.
Yes, and it does not mix with the drunken, Ninny from frost,
locomotive with the ship - still will not burn with shame:
as bark on the water, will not leave a trace on the rails
wheel of a steam locomotive.

What is written in the newspapers in the section "From the courtroom"?
The sentence was carried. glancing here,
man in the street will see through his glasses in a tin frame,
like a man lying face down near the brick wall;
but do not sleep. For the squeamish bonce dreams
perforated entitled to.

Vigilance this era roots intertwined in those
time, incapable in their general blindness
to distinguish from the fall out of the cradles dropped cradles.
White-eyed Chud on death does not want to take a look.
miserably, saucers full, Only no one to table vertanut,
to ask from you, Rurik.

Vigilance of these times - this vigilance to things impasse.
Not on the tree wisely stuck to spread until,
but spit on the wall. And not to wake the prince - dinosaur.
For the last row, source, pluck a bird feather.
Not obey the head of all the cases and a, What to Expect ax
da green laurel.

December 1969

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Joseph Brodsky
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