the summer is ended. will start in September. allow shooting…

the summer is ended. will start in September. allow shooting
duck, ryabchika, woodcock. 'Brother, how you've grown "
tell you a, and you zaderesh shotgun,
but to breathe deeply, and not to frighten quail.
And light sensitive twitches: stalls selling dried apricots.
But apart from this world around
It is changing so rapidly, though he began using drugs
foolishness, purchased from a swarthy foreigner.

A business, of course, not to fall. And not in the facial features,
changing, like the beast, running at catcher,
but in the sense of a brush, the rest of the picture,
devoid of the end, beginning, and the middle frame.
Not to mention - Museum, not to mention - a nail.
And the train is running away across the plain, whistling,
although, peering properly, you will not notice the smoke.
But from the point of view of the landscape, Movement needs.

This applies to fall, in no time at all,
when you finish smoking and even when
trees seem rails, thrown off the wheel,
and the edge of the rust, as the nodal forest.
And in my throat no longer lump, but wide of the hedgehog –
for no longer recognize the high seas
silhouette of the ship, and the profile of an airplane,
lost all halos, It looks strange in the highest.

So add in speed. A friend was right.
To learn the ancient Roman, he is now awake? Firewood,
clouds outlines, dove in the attic,
a flat water, something in architecture,
but - no one in the face. So some times
go more abroad, but, deprived of a second
life, hurry to come back, averting his eyes from fear,
and, not having to lie down on a wave of farewell,

handkerchief flutters in the air. other, who already
Dropped something to love more, than life, in the shower
knowing, that old age - this is the second
a life, whiten in the sun, how marble, not zagoraya,
staring at a certain point and no stranger to comfort
stories. Because the more the
points, the more speckles losers hide and seek
grouse eggs, woodcock, vspugnutoy Grouse.


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Joseph Brodsky
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