bell rings…

bell rings –
warns man
do not miss the anniversary.
Dandelion in the zenith
zadiraet golovku
carefree - it
more thoughts, than days.
Runs onto the curb
roadside in time
Chamomile - inaccurate,
disposable, urgent

The diversity of the field
cereals polzuet breast suffocation.
Kashka, shepherd's bag
from any pain
sensations pupil
overnight, ready to deliver.
A life, buddy, hut not because.
But this molchok,
that others do not harm
(ears everywhere: and right, and left).
Only beam kuroslepa
secret trust.

bell shakes
by bees from the hive
at the end of July.
In the silence rattles
expanding field
of something offensive woes.
I'm a year older
and jester costume
from many-cruelty
I bury under protection
herbal shield.

21 July 1965

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Joseph Brodsky
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