To negotiate in Kabul

Necked hill tribes!
All the menu - lamb and horse meat.
Beards and carpets, guttural names,
eyes, otrodyas us not vydavshye sea, no piano.
Famous profiles, rings ryzhya,
accrete bridge of the nose, and a shot from a gun
in the absence of address, not to mention - the envelope,
protected only his back against the wind,
living in villages, hiding in the mountains,
hiding in the clouds, just-in-turban - Allah,

it is seen, it's time you, Bow and Hazbulatov,
how to decompose, say goodbye to relatives bathrobe,
get out of the hut, buy currency,
to life in the rarefied air with the proximity to the absolute
dilute the fair portion of the pale
at the same multistory, full of fire capitals,
where you can sit in the Mercedes, and the blue
instantly forget about vendetta
and where the transparent thing, from the hip
creep, and there is a veil.

And generally speaking, Ibrahim, Mountains - from Ararat
to Everest - have camera food,
and snow peak, including blue
air, the best place - in shop windows airlines.
The part should not fall into dependence on the landscape!
All goes under the dog's tail, and landscape - the same,
where everywhere bras and legality.
there is better, than there, where Bishop - cone
and pat nothing, except cervix
butt, rough palm, sheikhs.

The eagle soars in the empyrean, staring reproachfully
snake signature under the contract
between you - goats, brought up in Islam,
and pretend to be in a solid gabardine ambassadors,
grinning mischievously at the camera.
And there is no longer anything to be seen nothing
I can not see anything other than personal
the fact that there is nothing due to trachoma
or the eye that tore archenemy
and the darkness can not see anything


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Joseph Brodsky
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  1. HELEN

    nothing worse comment poems – poetry is generally an intimate thing – one reader may have a phrase that can cause a lot of emotions ( down to tears or laughter) – fireworks of feelings, and the other reader will suffocate from hostility or even hatred…and the assessment sometimes depends on the mood and the prevailing worldview of the reader – how to express an opinion, if the poet introduces you to the holy of holies – my soul, which laughs and weeps – and you read and…either enjoy the text, either angry, and if you don't care – you will not read. Brodsky is sometimes rude, sometimes gentle or funny – but he is always sincere – this is what bribes.