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Peter Weill

Yesterday Tomorrow Comes, three o'clock in the afternoon.
Today, it is "never", future general.
the, which is no longer, He prefers weekdays
with damp newspaper and without eggs in the borsch.

It should say "Ivanov", as a different era
immediately right there, instead of the past years.
So the soldiers in the trench over the parapet
look back, where they are no more.

There - the epidemic of rhinitis, as the flowers do not smell,
and the murmur of the foliage is persistent, fooling around like the pros,
and the city board type for black and white chess,
where winning yellow, It looks like a draw.

So before getting dark on the light bulb in the hallway,
and mountain chain guards collapsible teepee,
and, so that will not break the night to shame,
stars, without turning, in the afternoon knocking to you.


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