Spanish dancer

silent bird.
evening comes.
discloses a fan
Spanish dancer.

sound beats
moon of the drum,
and deaf, fractionally
second guitar.

And black shoes
on the surface of the parquet
steps; this
like the wind in the profile.

ABOUT, Women dance!
lights story
о том, what happened,
which will not.

O - slepok pain
chest and explosion
in the brain, till
the consciousness alive.

In it - the sorrow space
a point in the hold,
themselves in vain
is considered to be background.

In it - all: threatening,
hope, death.
Striving roses
back to the stalk.

In its glow
in any part
revenge vertical

In it - torture glance
through clouds flaw
zigzag discharge
punished plane.

He - the blood from the wound:
escape from the body
in landscape unframed.
long I wanted!

There - more space!
Know, steel dagger,
whom the bride

ABOUT, this dance!
In the space of a compressed
taken out of the sun!

frills foam;
its whirling
at the same time
its collapse.

It flashes dresses
in its mission
freer flesh,
and the arms of a stranger.

It dawns feeling,
that the universe
the fabric will not keep
by razrastanyya.

ABOUT, this flashes
silks! in fact
bare thighs descent

No woman tщitsja,
so was extinguished
is he, dancer.
like souls,

flame so torn,
shubyv torch,
an air hole,
tramples cause,

Paradise vision,
the fact of gravitation,
to - expanding
their possessions –

heavenly throne
put a scarlet.
So merged with the abyss
Spanish dance.


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Joseph Brodsky
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