Ischia in oktyabre

Fausto Malkovaty

Once there bubbling volcano.
Then - a breast pelican pecked himself.
Virgil lived nearby,
and U. X. Oden wine glushil.

Now is not the plaster palaces,
price and not the wrong account.
But I somehow make ends
term, deploying tarnished Rtsy.

Fisherman swims in ultramarine
posted from the balcony featherbeds,
Fall and sweeping mountain range
other sea, than a deserted beach.

My wife and daughter away from the balustrade
look, looking for piano
sails or balloon –
hushed bells strike.

Unthinkable as a result of distance,
island as a variant of fate
arranges a sirocco. But
and we are not prohibited

clap shutters. and drafts,
paper had pitched, are a sign
- quickly turn your head! –
that we are not alone.

Lime bonded shell,
fleeing from the pressure of the forehead,
salt, loose hammer
at dusk three yolk.

twisting bougainvilleas 1 monogram,
limited land,
Their written covering shame,
vegetation space revenge.

Few people; and, hearing the "you",
here made sharper features,
sure it, lenses like,
separates the landscape of persons.

And the finger when the word 'home' hand
willingly, than in the direction of the mainland,
will point in the direction of the mountains cumulus,
where the collapse and growing worlds.

We are here and three, keep couples,
the, that together we see, in three
Unaddressed times and blue,
than, what looked Aeneas.


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