Isaac and Abraham

M. B.

"Go, Isaac. What you got? go ».
"I'm coming". - A broad branches wet
Night dives under a thick rain,
as a fast raft - to, where the cry goes out.

In Russian Isaac loses sound.
Neither his shadow, not spirit (kick trips)
not murmur against the letter instead of two
in empty mouths (in his last flesh).
The other is not here - go look-fistula.
And this also - drop, crumbs, smallness.
Isak all that candle candles,
all that before was called Isaac.
And the sound of return possible - only screaming:
«Isaac! Isaac!"- and it's right, left:
«Isaac! Isaac!"- and at that moment the candle
shake the trunk, and the flame bursting toward the sky.

Quite another thing - Abraham.
hills, bushes, enemies, make friends
in a crowd, cemeteries, branches, temple –
and then all to make it appeal –
they will not answer. though hearing
from brain obscuring wall red
since, he lost a vowel
and strangely changed noise consonant.
From these losses it, instead hail of arrows,
in response to their silence sends throat, of the brain.
This is not a candle - here a bush burned.
Puk hvorosto. What is a bucket of wax?

«I already, Isaac". - "I'm coming".
"Go faster". - But he hesitates to answer.
"What are you stuck?"-" Wait ". - "I'm waiting".
(Candle burning in the darkness full of light).
"Go. Do not lag behind ". - "Now,, I run ".
To the east, clouds creeping silent army.
"What do you got?"-" The eyes are full of sand ".
"Do not lag behind". - "No no". - «Go, Do not be afraid".

In the desert, Isaac and Abraham
fourth day of the walk to the empty space
there are one in all the empty hills,
that churns akin (underneath) test.
But the sand. A thick sand.
And there the grass (touch - finger circumcised),
whose root - if I had been - long ago withered.
She walks with sand, grass-wanderer.
Its shoots are pale.
And then say - where to get her juices?
it, in the sand, no drop of moisture is not.
On the palate it - akin forest sedge.
Around the sand. sand hills. fields.
sand hills. They can not find it, measure.
Verne - Sea. At the bottom, at the bottom, land.
But it's hard to believe, hard to believe.
sand hills. Dunes - their name.
Desert firmament circling over them.
Abraham walks. Vosled nim
Isaac walks in the open space of the desert.
the sun sets, in the back beats father.
sand whirls. Added wind speed.
hills, hills. And there is no end to them.
"Son, firewood with you?" - "Here he is, brushwood".
Wave came again and goes backwards.
How long talk, ceases immediately,
taking away from the shore of a grain of sand, span
remnant of thought - no, remainder of sentence.
But not here Brega, Only small footprint
two travelers generates similarity with the lip
coastal sand, - only one side is not
coastal foam tape - no, though modest.
Not, here are dark shafts, bright, black.
Here the sea on the right, left, behind, everywhere.
And these travelers - canoes, canoes,
swallows water footprint, uplifts the ship.
"A tinder, father, with you?" - "Here he is, tinder".
Not seen against the light, vaguely commercials…
Both their declining, back tinder
through the garment fabric bundles of branches dark dark.
But Abraham has also fur
with a thick wine, and Isaac on the road,
wells met, I am taking water from all.
What are they now look like the side?
To the east, a cloud obscures the vault of heaven.
Pulls the wind peaks, needle.
toothed edge, as if the black forest,
over Isaak, all trunks were silenced.
lumens extinguished. If they agreed
forest animals - back light closed.
Now they - vertical - down
rush to the sands, pitch their bird's wings.
And the forest is growing. Crawling up vertices…
And travelers sail, how boats in sea.
Dunes they are at the bottom of the darkness.
Kindle a fire they have here soon.

I still remember: There is one mountain.
There's a trail, flowering cherries Arch
hanging over it, and pairs of floats in the morning:
there is a lake in the foot, long
wave noise is heard rustling and grass.
The path is empty, there are no traces of the clock.
It always is but a shadow of the foliage,
and in the fall - fall leaves themselves.
Stolen pairs, away shiny toe,
bleached trunk gnaw wood mouse,
and branches, always look in the sand,
leaning closer to him, below.
As if eager to know, that was there,
trails in the sand with shadows of their family,
looking straight, and somehow grow down,
merging on the trail with them forever.
A bee buzzes, glitters lake circle,
moon floats among the thin branches of the night,
shadow leaves two, as the number 8, suddenly
in mad expense overthrows quickly grove.

Suddenly, Abraham saw a bush.
Thick branch was creeping low-low.
though the horizon, like before, here it was empty,
but it meant: the purpose of their close.
"There are close", - bush whispered
almost in the face, but Abraham, but,
I not filed type, and stepped into the darkness.
And just - Isaac did not see the sign.
is he, head lifting, I looked back,
where the exposed roots of the gloomy thicket,
sprawling over it - and there is a star
among them (roots) lit its light transparent.
Another one. bypassing them, in the distance
lumps "ground" for the "root" sailed blindly.
Finally they passed over him.
The vision of the forest away disappeared from the sky.
And only now he's a stone's throw
I noticed a bush (the father sensed envy).
He threw brushwood, He became in his hands and squeezed
colorless foliage, in the sand staring.

In fact, bush like all.
A shadow of the tent, Grozny blast, the rice,
at the river delta, on the beam, the wheel –
but its axis have down.
With the palm is similar, similar to the flesh all.
A cursory glance tape veins flashed.
From people similar - his entire scatter,
but he whistled again closes its range.
With the palm is similar, similar to a hundred hands.
(With all the flesh - is not it just a question,
but the same growth, but the same around the world).
In the spring it around candles, candles.
"Come quickly,". - "Wait". - "Let's go". - "Now".
"Go, Do not stay », – (under the cap, both under the roof).
"Let's hurry", – (hide each eye).
"Go faster. Send ". - "Now". - "I can not hear".
It is similar to the socket, into the darkness of his chicks,
waving green wing, race around the world.
He is similar to blood - it all ends
strives to its run (though it does not have a return).
But most of all it is not a body similar,
and similar to the soul, with all her paths.
Movement in them, in them exactly the same shiver.
they are closed, and that in their canopy?
Close up and hurry back again.
They prevent each other here can not.
Nuisance at night, near the slide.
curved joints, list izognut.
Are closed and immediately reversed in a hurry,
dive into the darkness, into space, in golost,
and they, who yearns away - immediately pop
and fall - and here it is, brushwood, brushwood.
Once again, the wind rushing over them whistling.
The rest - in a moment - for the first branch
leaning back, şurşa, crunching,
driven into a ball of a certain spring.
All eager to life in this realm of the senses:
as the appearance of, with bush desert similar,
shake the wind is not a dark bush,
but the kind of life, in all the earth passer.
Not only appearance (feelings) - should be, the whole
a huge world - roughly, comprehensive, thinner,
hundred times stronger (luxuriantly) - crowded here.
"Hey, Isaac. What you got? I go already ".
Who? Bush. what? Bush. It is no longer the roots.
In its own letter more than words, wider.
“TO” s like vetkoy, “IN” - even stronger.
Only “WITH” and “T in the other some world.
At the branch “TO” Only two processes,
and branch “IN” - with only one joint.
But here is a lesson: it's time to word
teaching in the form of letters, to the detriment of the compositions.
"Hey, Isaac!"-" Now, I go. go ».
(Inside it has accumulated in hot steam.
He's on the move raised the jug to his mouth,
but slipped, - he fell, crashed).
Night. Next to Abraham Isaac
walks on the dunes in a long dress.
The moon rose, and each new step
sparkles, how srebro in sandy Zlate.
hills, hills. They can not see the end.
Nowhere to be seen here of solid objects.
All shaky, as the sand, as the shadow of his father.
Indistinct rumble grows in the celestial drills.
the moon shines, blue in densely distance.
solid shadow, He disappeared without a trace wind.
"Far eh us, father?" - "Oh no, just eh ",
not looking, Abraham immediately answered.
C to dune and down again dune,
on the sides of groping hasty glance,
they wander. Bushes prostrated themselves,
but everyone is silent: they go after next.
Now to Abraham and all so clear:
they came, he digs a pit shoes.
rustling grass. Now go trifle.
They imagine that's the night here will arrange.
"Hey, Isaac. You once again behind. I'm waiting".
He strained his eyes, that air Net
I fancied him - and here: “I go.
Мне показалось, bush here is whispering”.
"I'm going already". - Abraham added step.
The moon lit. All the bright stars in the sky
silent over it. Plenty of ringing in the ears.
But this is only the air, air only.
Sand and darkness. Bushes prostrated themselves.
All heavy to climb it each time.
Bredut, leaning. Individuals can not be seen.
…Abraham threw down a bundle.

They are sitting. Between them lit a fire.
eyes water, acrid smoke swirls,
and sparks fly off into the night scope.
Isaac breaks dry branches.
He began on his knees, them, leaning forward,
wants to plant: the flame was fragile.
But his father's hand takes:
“leave him, We need firewood in the morning.
grass Narew”. - Charter Isaac
gets up and, moving his legs with difficulty,
walks in the dunes, where a bottomless gloom
from all sides, and behind the flame is extinguished.
Branches broken off thinking: death
overtook them - now I just time
to distinguish them, not that, the flesh, and the firmament;
but, here waiting for them otherwise burden.
Broken off branches asleep
We sat here - in the sand heated, bright.
But they still have to be a fire,
and after that the new flesh - ash.
It is only when all the ashes erase dust
avalanches so sandy hordes and sets, –
then they, should be, really die,
disappearing, sginuv, kanuv, to destroy.
Death is different and these branches waiting.
Stragglers from the forest wolf pack
rushing between nocturnal voids, voids,
and rushing in darkness branches silently.
Isaac returned, carrying grass.
Fingers Abraham draped cloth:
"Give me here. Now her tear ".
And quickly began to crumble in his arms fire.
A little bit lighter. He disappeared from the hearts of fear.
Then, suddenly flame wind blew.
"Why are we in the morning wood?"- Isaac
then I asked Abraham said:
“Then, why do we go here
(you're behind and hurry after all,
but since we came, disaster struck) –
tomorrow we have here zaklast lamb.
You have not seen an altar there, both went
look for grass?” – “Yes there can be seen?
There's a darkness, I froze from the darkness.
one sand”. - "Well,, okay, you want to drink?»
And so Abraham compresses fur
your hand, and moisture is being poured into throat;
the eyes are looking up Isaac:
everything stronger buzz, gleaming, drill.
"Enough", - and he was resettled to the fire,
otershi mouth short gesture drunks.
Already the beginning of the heat induce to sleep.
He looked up into the darkness - "Where is the lamb?»
The fire gave a dim light in her eyes,
he heard the answer (almost a shout):
“In this desert… God himself the lamb
find a… The Lord, he will provide…”
He lit the fire. In the eyes of amber father.
He plays with fire glance, and the flame - a glance.
star shines. Closer sleepy king
suitable for Isaac. Here it is next to.
“There's a long-standing altar. difficult it
a long time ago… I do not remember anyone, but”.
Hills of sand floating on all sides,
like before, - if the bush is not signaled.

He lit the fire. Rather, smoke to the star
through the thickness of the ash is torn up strained.
We slept all and all. peace everywhere.
Abraham not only sleeping. But what we should.
Isaac is sleeping and dreaming of such:
Silent bush before him waving branches.
He wants to touch it with his hand,
but each sheet before him with confusion dancing.
Who: Bush. what: Bush. It is no longer the roots.
In its own letter more than words, wider.
“TO” s like vetkoy, “IN” - even stronger.
Only “WITH” and “T” - in the other some world.
Before him all the branches, all the ways of the soul
close up, hit each other, crowded.
In deep sleep, in the darkness, in continuous silence,
bend, flit, seek up.
And before him, lifted the needle bush.
He sees further: there, where dim, hazy
Toth Khvorost, that he brought here,
fused with a living branch quickly.
And all long branch, long, long,
his face foliage closer, nearer.
Earth shines, and a lush bush on it
rises before him in the darkness all of the above.
Well “C “T” - bushes and pierces Khmara.
Well “C “T” - all branches are eager to dance.
But then he realized: “T” - altar, altar,
BUT “WITH” lying on it, in fetters lamb.
So that BUSH: TO, IN, and C, and T.
Wind gusts sharply branch heels
to the ends, but meeting them in the cross,
where the letter “T” all five one substitute.
Not only “WITH” there will have to sleep,
Not only “IN” share after dreams.
Only the top rod should slide down,
no point “T” - CROSS and immediately in front of us.
And branches, he sees, long, long.
And they did a hast taken.
Earth shines - and it floats over it.
burns star…
In fact - given
dawn is painted in yellow color,
and Abraham, They bound body,
it has suffered to, whence
was trampled here, where the flame smoldering.
All firewood was there long ago demolished,
and Isaac, he is bed
He resigned today - and penetrated into sleep,
but how little it was similar to reality.
he returned, He puts his coat into the fire.
she broke, douse hand heat,
and immediately swam around stink;
Abraham and his knife with a short sting
took (almost there, where asleep
the knife, which he cut the bread in the house…)
"Well, it is time to ", - he said, and looked:
on what is now his hands are?
In one - a dagger, in another - my own flesh.
"Who'll connect…"- and then froze,
barely murmuring: "Save, Lord ". –
Because of the dune quickly left Angel.

"Pretty, Abraham", - he said,
and Abraham immediately sweaty body
suddenly became, He opened his hand,
the knife fell to the ground, Angel quickly raised.
“pretty, Abraham. end of all.
end of everything, and the sky is encouraging,
you risked, - though you are the victim's father.
Well, this all. Now let's go back.
Let's go there, where everything is now sad.
Let them behold, that there is no evil in the world.
Let's go there, where all the glitter of the river,
as your dagger, but the flesh is a draw not hurt.
Let's go there, where waiting for your herd
a grass, than that, what is here; where dreams
thy tents that day, number when
your children with a number of sand compared.
I still remember: There is one mountain.
At its foot is a stream, meadow.
From there, the steam creeping upward in the morning.
Always noise on the hillside grove zealously.
At the bottom of the grass beds noisy drinkers.
Wind comes - Grove quickly bends.
Its foliage is rotting in the damp earth,
then again in the spring will return to top.
On the stands at the similarity of the leaves immediately.
Will take years - they do not change the view.
stand trunks, between these bushes grow.
Endless cloud top rushing suite.
And the hosts of stars shining in the dark night,
firmament cover part, thick.
In the thick grass rustles wave creek,
and steam in growing overnight shaped channel.
Let's go there, where all the bushes are silent.
Where there is no dry branches, where birds platted
nest of grasses. A branch, that stick out
sometimes at stake - so that with bushes, live.
Your brain now!, like a cloud, cover of darkness.
Open your eyes - there is no death in sight.
Here every bush - look - worth, as a sign
aspiration upwards in the desert plains.
Open your eyes: heavenly bush in bloom.
Look to: he is waiting, you to answer.
the answer, Abraham, its leaves –
answer me - go”. The wind got stronger.
“Let's go, Abraham, in your country,
where the flesh and the spirit of the people - the people native,
where all, what is, He lives in the same captivity,
where all, what is, hundredfold change name.
They will be more than, but the greater the darkness
their shadows their hands, leg tie.
But every word is a sign,
which is again at the first point indicates.
Bushes surround them, swallow step
grass fields, and native forest in blue
flicker, Abraham, Isaac.
Come as. Now the storm subsides.
pretty, Abraham, tested you.
I took a knife - you really do not need it.
The cold light of dawn flooded bushes.
idem already, Isaac nearly awakened.
pretty, Abraham. tested. All.
end of everything. All clear. the end. Point.
pretty, Abraham. It uncovers your face.
enough. Now everything is clear exactly”.

tents are, sheep and darkness everywhere.
Their cloud here, - you can not find them. Besides
they crowded here, how they Tucci,
that reflected right there in a pool.
smoke from fires, fly hundreds of birds.
dogs bite, bones in boilers them plenty.
Sweat dripping with hot red faces.
On all sides rushes loud voices.
On the slopes of the sheep. Near the shadows of clouds.
They crawl towards: Sun is up.
Overthrown streams with brilliant steeps.
Camels in the shade there are tired.
noisy fires, fly thousands of flies.
In the crowd of sheep wasp buzzing indistinctly.
knocking the ax. From the mountain looks shepherd:
tents are in the valley, like spots.
Through the crack in the entrance is visible clod.
Outside the crack visible hands of women.
Oozing dust and light into every corner.
Here, everything is full of gaps, gleams, cracks.
Nobody knows cracks, as a board
(all types - from the most durable, best, –
let her thick, length, narrow),
when the disorder begins between branches.
The dry board usually cracks darkness.
But it's all nonsense, that is, outside.
But inside - tar gone mad,
inside things much worse.
The resin is dried up,, all became ferry,
I went out. At the same time the place,
left her, crawling mowing, –
where, - only one he knows.
plunges a knife (incision just eh deep)
and feel, he really in someone's power.
Board his hard pulls to one side
and suddenly pricked into two parts.
And if it succeeds in the same darkness
and branches hide, the knife can not help the poor,
until then always a straight line,
suddenly begins to quickly cut the waves.
All cracks inside is like a bush,
weaved, pounded, drowning in disputes,
one of them always repeats: "Grow",
resin dusts and ashes in dark pores.
Outside, he seemed hidden snow.
One two il - blacken, like window.
but, "Wall", "input" in this house with a slit.
Pozemka piled knots, fiber.
Hidden from the eyes and firmly locked entrance.
But the knife has always (within, underneath, over it)
will be a servant of two masters:
palm and board - and who is stronger…
Not to mention that too, "In whose eyes".
dust light, streamed through the crack.
There, where camels lie, Isaac
with some stranger carrying on a conversation.
smoke from fires, fly hundreds of birds.
shouts sheep, wasp buzzing indistinctly.
Flowing steam with hot red faces.
Tents are in the valley, like spots.
wander herds. Sticks burial house.
babbling brook, wave grass rustles.
he started: in the empty air,
he hears his own name again.
He looks into the distance: in front of him lie the tents,
a people, to the east is a cloud.
around the campfires, as in dance, dogs circling,
rustling bushes, and here he sees the hill.
worth wife, her tent, fields.
In her hand - green fig branch.
She waved to her and calls the king:
«I already, Isaac". - "Let's go, Rebekah ".

"Go, Isaac. What you got? go ».
"I'm coming", answers among twigs wet
Night dives under a thick rain,
as a fast raft, - there, where the cry goes out.
«Isaac, Do not lag behind ". - "Not, not, go »”.
(Birch exhibits strength and durability.)
«Isaac, Do you remember the house?»-« Yes, yes, I find ".
"Well, we are going. Do not lag behind ". - "Do not be afraid".
"Go, Isaac ». - "Wait". - "Let's go". - "Now".
"Go, Do not stay "- (under the cap, both under the roof).
"Let's hurry", – (hide each eye).
"Go faster. go ». - "Now". - "I can not hear".

In Russian Isaac loses sound.
But it acquires qualities mass,
for which "the letter instead of two"
pay three times, in letters hiding.
In Russian “AND” - just a simple union,
that the number of actions in speech multiplies
(like in math at plus),
but, He does not know, who lay down their.
(But the amount we do not put into the mouth.
For this: in the world there is no sound).
What means “WITH”, We know from the bush:
“WITH” - a sacrifice, tightly bound.
A beech “BUT” - among these old letters,
union, so was the sound of words between separated.
Essentially the same, - a terrible scream,
baby, pryskorbnыy, howling deadly.
And when twinned, build: AAA,
add up together to the sounds,
who have to share the word,
then the amount of flour is terrible cry:
“Flame embrace all joints “TO”
and lonely “BUT” aims directly”.
But uplifting knife hand draw,
to end the meal, no near Abram.
Gender-name still sticks in the mouth.
The other half of the flame hides.

Once again, a sacrifice on fire Screams:
Here, that "Isaac" in Russian means.

The rain drums on the branches, knocks,
like behind the fence someone crying
invisible. "Hey, who's there?"- All is silent.

"Go, Isaac ». - "Wait". - "Let's go". - "Now".
"Go, Do not stay ». Doldonit rain on the roof.
“Come quickly! That's with him every time.
go quickly! go”. - "Now". - "I can not hear".

Continuously pouring rain. down water
It carried on the trunks, washing away the soot.
In most of the spring leaves, as always,
much more of the sun, than it should be
in June leaves, - Summer can be seen here
doubly, - at least all the grass pale summer.
But there, which leaves a shadow hangs over her,
it certainly will not concede that, the last.
In the shadow of the earth stems more clearly visible,
It is seen in the, that bright light weak.
Silent train hurtling through the field,
inclined at first to the rails on the right,
and then - to the left - in the morning, ночью, in the afternoon,
clubs colorless smoke rubs against the ground –
and it seems all of a sudden the, who disappeared in it,
that he is rushing through the endless number 8.
He cuts - along the line - it crowns,
that sat, fields, ograd, gullies are full.
On both sides - by rail - to the ends
chipped waves rush towards the sky.
through the figure 8 - windmill wings,
through the blade steel screws celestial,
he rushes forward - it is a hand,
and a sheaf of rays slides into the surrounding rays.
The same sheaf is hidden within it,
but with a kind of passion, passion greedy,
in the spotlight covered dead sleep:
how bundle zhgutom, it is associated rear wall.
flies composition, in the darkness can not see persons.
But the hills - the hills around are not imaginary,
and the waves of the way up the, then down
rush, Rays from plain tubes.
Rain pouring incessantly, All the glitters.
The veil is the gateway, windows mows,
overthrew the chute down, svystyt.
Soaked corners of the house uplift.
Candle burns all in one box.
Cold rain tapping on the thin frame.
As if under water, at the bottom
flutters in the dark and the flame burns.
it burns, even to all, to light
faded to here, to become invisible, incorporeal.
Here in the dark nowhere passers,
brick wall in the silent wall opposite.
The yard is locked, janitor was drinking, night empty.
It shakes the rain of steel lock.
lit candle, and prominent end leaves.
bolts, like water, fire Furn.
wave valves, dark gloom latches,
at the bottom - the keys - jellyfish, dimensional in the choir
sing hooks, latch, chain, bolt:
all this - only the sea, only the sea.
And yet it seeks its light into the darkness,
call to him (through the rain, brick, across the board).
To yourself eh? - Oh no, continuous call for,
that burns in it. must be, to wax, to wax.
fence boardwalk. Three locks in the doors.
There are no gaps. Hence, the key is not removed.
On all sides the bottomless darkness reigns.
Open the window - and immediately the waves gush.
Thunder bolt and access to it is closed.
(Hand lock in impotent rage stisni.)
And yet it burns, lit.
But eats something, longer life.
came the fox, eyes shine in the window.
Before her glass, as the waves, flare extinguishes.
She looks - a candle burns on the bottom
and long shadows wall colors.
came the fox, looking over his shoulder.
Slightly svystyt, and something heard in the whistling
akin to the words. Here, the candle burns.
Candle decorated with bees, leaves.
everywhere bee, wings, dust, flowers,
and in the center of the copper that landscape
basket there, and therein lie the fruits,
which is less even minting
seeds of pears. - But the candles language,
forgetting, you can call the Salvation,
shakes over it and waiting for the end of the night,
as a summer leaf in an empty forest in autumn.


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