…and the word "future" of the Russian language…

…and the word "future" of the Russian language
black mouse ran out and the whole crowd of
bite off a piece of tasty
memory, that your cheese full of holes.
After so many years already indifferent, what
or who is behind the curtain at the window,
and is distributed in the brain is not an earthly "to",
but her rustling. A life, which,
how things darenoy, do not look to the mouth,
exposing the teeth at each meeting.
From all of the human remains you
speeches. Part of speech in general. Part of speech.


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Joseph Brodsky
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  1. Anonymous

    How could he not love the Russian language! His creativity helped the collapse of the Soviet Union long before this!

  2. Grisha Panikovski

    Somehow, it seems, what “in the brain” must be heard “not heavenly “до”, and ” not an earthly”.

  3. Name

    love it

  4. Vit

    Poems are amazing, they must be able to read and understand. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of it.