temple of Melpomene

the curtain rises: on the stage, Alas, duel.
On the seconds - brown overcoat.
And someone falls in the snow, saying, "Can it be true".
But no one hits the target.

She sits by the window, wrapped in a shawl.
While there look, there is a distance.
The room filled the piano.
It includes a doctor and says: "What a pity…»

Blizzard outside the window is similar to vermicelli.
Coldly, and blowing into the gap.
motionless body. Neprybrannaya bed.
She shakes him by the shoulders, shouting: “Michel! Michel,

wake up! It took two hundred years! not so
even important, that two hundred! Important, your role
played! Suits gnawed mol!”
Michelle smiles and, painfully,

the hand makes to the public, as if asking for a loan:
“If not for the theater, no one would know, what we
there! And vice versa!” out of darkness
Hall in response to sounds restrained "hmy-hmy".

March 1994

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Joseph Brodsky
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