Octavio Paso

In the garden, where M., French protégé,
I had beautiful thick Indian blood,
sitting singer, arrived izdalya.
garden taste, how closely typed “F”.
blackbird flies, like unibrow.
The evening air crystal zvonche.

Crystal, drifts hiking, divided.
M. I have been here three years, Emperor.
He introduced crystal, champagne, points.
Such things brightens life.
Then Republican infantry
M. shot. sad Curle

heard of a dense blue.
Villagers ramble of pear.
Three white ducks swimming in the pond.
Hearing distinguishes murmuring foliage
jargon, which are the soul,
talking in a crowded Hell.


discard the palms. highlighting the platan,
introduce M., when the pen throwing,
he takes off a silk dressing gown
and thinks, making bro
(and also the emperor) France-Joseph,
whistling sadly, "My groundhog".

“Greetings to you from Mexico. woman
She lost her mind in Paris. By Stan
Palace shooting, glow cocks.
capital, dear brother, surrounded
rebels. And my marmot with me.
And Hotchkiss popular plow.

And then say, tertiary limestone
known how otchayannaya soil.
Plus equatorial heat.
Here the bullet has a natural draft.
So feel and light, and kidney.
Poteyu, and peel off skins.

OPRICH order, I want to go home.
Miss paternal slums.
Send poems and almanacs.
They kill me here, apparently. And my
marmot with me, that is. yet you
My mulatto bows. M”.


Late July is hiding in the rain,
as an interlocutor in his own thoughts.
What, however, you do not touch the country,
wherein lower front, than behind.
Brenčit guitar. streets played havoc.
Passer is drowning in a yellow veil.

including pond, all heavily overgrown.
Teeming with snakes and lizards. The crowns
swirling birds with eggs and without.
That ruins the whole dynasty - the number
heirs to the throne with a lack of.
And upcoming elections and the forest.

M. I would not know the area. from niche
gone bust, porticos faded,
Wall gums settled into a ravine.
saturate glance, but the idea did not extend.
Gardens and parks are moving in the jungle.
And from his lips involuntarily disrupted: crab.


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