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I am surrounded by silent verbs,
Similar to someone else's head verbs,
hungry verbs, bare verbs,
main verbs, deaf verbs.
Verbs without nouns, simple verbs.
Verbs, who live in the basements,
It is said in the cellars, born in basements,
Under several floors general optimism.
Every morning they go to work,
The solution prevent stones and hauling,
But, erecting a city, erecting not a city,
And his own loneliness monuments erected.
And go, how to go into someone else's memory,
Rhythmically stepping from word to word,
All her three times
Verbs once ascend to Calvary.
And the sky above them , like a bird over the churchyard
AND, as if standing in front of a locked door,
someone knocks, hammering nails,
In the past,
in the future.
No one will come and will not remove
Hammering eternal rhythm will
Earth hyperbole is over them,
As metaphors sky floats over us!

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