Drunken bitterness Falerna cup I fill, boy.
BUT. WITH. Pushkin (of Catullus)


love-child, He knows a lot of love.
His awareness of a miracle.
must be, it runs in his blood.
He knows better than ours, from whence
he took. And we have to look
the window, trying to tell him
whole mystery, and, Jesus, blush.
Its really not satisfied with the stork,
dogs, birds… Brem he is not an enemy,
but what he posodeystvuet? After all, nothing.
Not that his writings darkness.
But this boy too… humane.
He despises bremovsky little world.
Rather - pretending to be surprised
(what we can see creative pledge),
he is inclined to delve into inanimate.
Linen is lit in front of his fire,
sofa it attracts stains.
It is named after Dzerzhinsky, and it
truly hidden researcher.
AND, asking, he knows the answer.
slip, punctuation, confusion
he needs, as cesium for missiles,
To break out of the brackets of gravity.
He was not the executioner. on vračevatelʹ. But
Deliver us from the truth and fear,
he leaves us there, where the dark.
And it's worse than expulsion and penalty.
He just leaves us, to a standstill
put, sending in the corner,
As the grandson of the old man get up to mischief,
and violently throws on dolls.
Both doctors recognize it at the same moment
ready under the influence of needles,
when it had not, he picks open their,
like a real archaeologist.
but the future, in fact, in the darkness.
Its something really in the mist, at least.
And if we are on earth today,
it already, of course, in the stratosphere.
The abstractions paving the way,
He feels the garter carefully.
If it is dangerous to pull the strap,
and only correct stocking - impossible,
He was right there. His eyes burn
(as some concentrations of hazy
planets, whose being do not say),
and his hands, this is important, in pockets.
And the most distant star
it is visible at the bottom of his well.
And what will happen to him, Jesus, when
to preventive means he gets!
Gagarin - not otherwise. And a glass
presses against the wall of a neighbor he.
there's bedroom. interplanetary hurricane
capsized in the raging infant.
And hearing, like his father, laughing,
on mother unzips her bra,
he, betrothed Felix, shaking,
mutters in a frenzy: "Lucky".

Yes, children only children. Let the excitement
spur the upcoming March…
However, the vanguard is the vanguard,
and we were once the vanguard.
Now we are left behind,
and this, you understand, unpleasantly –
not that these teeth in curlers,
lacerated panties and spots.
All this is nonsense. But far l
leave it in cognition furtively?
here, eg, geranium, wallflower
it do not seem a mystery.
Yes, books, - those of its stun.
All these Joan, Werther, Emily…
But all they are - not flesh, no flavor.
How long is my only weapon they stunned us?
They were us, more likely,
only means of achieving success.
Sometimes - Confirmed. For him
they have already, to my mind, the echo.
What he and the rider, and the horse,
and gloomy jumps the ravine?
So, in whom the fire flares up,
it is better not slip paper.
Imagine the irony, when
some notorious Romeo
all lose Felix. trouble!
And just turned awkwardly
undine with white-faced - Ricochet
deadly shooters wastepaper.
And you, Please - the plot!
And maybe, second Dioscuri.
Or maybe, it is - painting. Question
amiss, rumor, specified. inappropriately eh?
love Expert, pos researcher
and the inventor himself test -,
let's say, positions - Button
of flower beds; and calculation interval,
in tsvetenii podobrannogo in t
springy flower bed coverlets.
is not painting? On a bed with a fringe.
Subframe in white stubborn…
And here's a winter bloom.
AND, to spite your Ficus, Rama.
Not, it's good, he yanked
overshoots the desired space!
He will make up to something else,
stubbornness replacing constancy.
All this - and stockings, and Belec,
all bras, to limp –
because it is a mask, hidden the face
something grand, is not it?
All of this - an allegory. He's right:
all lens, full-rays,
beam dogs, swallows and herbs.
He's right, He is leaving behind
Details - he knows the result!
And that's the essence of allegory!
He's right, as the soldiers coming,
running from the verbal contests.
The Conqueror! Cyrus! Napoleon!
Target its finding on the stars,
he soars through the clouds, charged,
in the familiar environment of lace.
He - the avant-garde. Hurry or not in a hurry,
we are lagging behind, and this unpleasant.
He growth of small? But good lips!
Let his speech slurred and hazy.
he rushes, zakusivši amazed.
He piles up a gap at the gap.
AND, may be, he - What a bee! –
will find a buttercup-balamutik
(and that it will understand the buzz
and he will paint a thin proboscis),
I imagine that this honey,
not alien to any birdhouses, no apiaries!


Erot, Can you explain the reasons for not
Togo (of course, in particular, not in the mass),
that kids turn into men
stubbornly stuck in the role of
teenager. Chudodeystvennыy nectar
it retains the appearance of innocence.
What is it: punishment or gift?
Maybe, a kind of immortality?
After all the gods forever young, and we
as if their similarity, is not it?
Though our kind curls fringe,
and in old age and did much of tow.
But Felix - Exceptions. rightness
law - in excluding. Astarte
fan of men without belly.
Or maybe, This avant-garde property?
Chosen? myth calendar?
Some phallic column
service? And the role of the altar?
AND, generally, him a place in the Parthenon.
Answer, Erot, great mystery.
I would like to, though it is your disembodied,
anything in my life to know for sure.
Although opinions about Felix. – “willingly.
Though attractive ringing lyre,
insistently and somewhat flowery,
you make me say,
to avoid the nickname moralist.

The reason for the popularity of love
and to the need of the polar,
raging furiously in the blood,
making love… unpopularity.
That's the same, as a cluster of planets
Astronomers zaglatyvaet prism,
all infinitesimal, poet,
love is much more important relativism.
And we are not talking about the calendar
(especially in the winter of your frosty).
He growth of small? - the better the foreseeable
any special scrupulous.
As I look here from the heights,
it seems to me, He did not hurt growth:
all, even still, increases
in the eyes of, as a fail himself not fixed.
And this is my answer to your question
not an apology of humility.
After your incredible Felix grew
during your poem.
Not setuy same, Well all you have not reached
to a genuine avant-garde sense.
Let envy is halo
noticeable at the finish of a false start.
But sees the corners of the universe,
should be, you both equally,
because your proboscis bees
just kind of telescope.
But not in vain to inquire of you,
that is greater than man, below God,
at least in terms of height,
as the Pagoda, Bones and synagogue.

There does not penetrate telescope.
And if you fancied sharpness
in my words - if you do not Aesop.
Greeting from Aesop Eros”.


Pour wine and did not go away,
my companion in the mirror. May be,
although now only morning ahead,
we have someone with you disturb.
oven Venue, but to jump into the darkness
do not want. I do not want to "car" and,
drop the beak on the fly,
to wake up at night from intoxication.

Akin to the mess in my head.
Akin to the silence; for takeoff
without distinguishing the rustle in the grass
from the rustling of whirling snow.
And it snow. he roars? no noise.
Only couples here rustles, when you breathe.
And if the thunder outside zagremit,
stick with it and you will not hear the thunder.
Srodnishysya, the smoke from cigarettes
slightly resists the stench,
grove and disheveled hair,
As a continuation of chaos, palm
Attaching; and the general
go there, as well donyshke.
And mind frightened hands,
although it was nothing there her kill.
Srodnishysya. Lısovat. Odutlovat.
slouching, in a faded coat.
Hours defining random.
And do not pour water with a blanket.
grow old. And the mirror arm
pulled. "There remains a mirror".
And in the mirror you see the old man.
And this will be true in your old age.
The same, how so, when, rale,
stirs sparks in the fireplace;
when there is no letter from you,
how they do not have, beloved, now.
How so, When looking and not blink
taivsheesya with youth shamelessness…

And you remember Felix, and kolnet
not jealousy, but curiosity soon.
So that's where you caught up with him! So here
it, his favorite place,
longstanding. AND, that is, life
He hid under the sailor. Interesting.
With polar, means, Beginning of the end.
So he acted secretly and.
So that's where he drove his messengers.
And he is now in its infancy. remarkable!
And you remember Felix: do not blink,
happened, and always hands in pockets.
(Yes, genuine old age!) And kolnet.
But it: about separation
c Pilad nehoduyuschyy Orest?
Begushtaya for veprem Atalanta?
Or envy commonplace? protest
normal - the phenomenon of talent?

A normal person - he rises
Opposite supernatural. If a
it with him even smoke or drink,
nearby sprawling in an armchair.
Normal people - it is not for anything
It did not come down from… And what is it
normal Th… This sieve
in the normal state of rest.


What a pity, architects in the Past,
a little bit obsessed with facades
(walking, Unfortunately, the breakdown),
visyachie sadы of balustrades
lepivshie plaster, grapes
to hang freely on the balcony,
satiate, in short, Leningrad,
not to pilasters sculpted pants.
So the world would be spared from the plague
panties, dovedennyh infernal
before step simplest fringe.
And Felix would develop normally.


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