Rain in August

In broad daylight begins to get dark headlong, and
cumulus coat tries to turn coat
with unearthly shoulder. Under the pressure of Acacia rain
It becomes too noisy.
not a needle, no thread, but something undeniably sewing,
Singer company almost with a touch of rusty watering can,
I heard this chatter; and geranium reveals neck
vertebrae seamstress.

As a family of rain rustling! how well mended
their holes in worn-out landscape, whether grazing
or mezhduderevye, surroundings, puddle - that they
view not allowed to fall
from space. Rain! myopia engine,
chronicler outside cells, greedy for food lean,
streak loam, exactly pen without manuscript,
klinopisyyu and ospoy.

Turn your back to the window and see a greatcoat with epaulets
brown on a hanger, fox on the back of the chair,
fringe yellow tablecloth, what, Dealing with the law
attraction, resurrected
and covered dining table, followed by three at dinner
we sit late at night, and you say drowsy,
my very, but a range of years of subdued
voice: "Well, the rain".


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Joseph Brodsky
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