Report for the symposium

I propose you a small treatise
the autonomy of. vision autonomously
as a result, depending on the object
attention, located inevitable
outside; itself eye never sees.
Suzivshis, Eye for departures
ship, It takes wing with the bird from a branch,
clouded cloud of dreams,
like a star; itself eye never sees.
Clarify this point and take a beauty.
At a certain age you are considering beauties,
not hoping to cover their, without application
interest. Despite this, eye,
like headlights on reminder TV
opustevshey in apartment, continues to transmit
picture. The question is - why should?
Then - a few points of a lecture about the beautiful.
Vision - means of adaptation
organism to a hostile environment. Even when you it
fully adapted, This environment is
absolutely hostile. The hostility of the environment is growing
as it of your stay;
and acute eyesight. nothing perfect
not threatened. Perfect does not conceal
danger. Statue of Apollo
It does not bite. white sheet
also. You spring for rustling skirt
in search of marble. aesthetic sense
are cast with the survival instinct
and safer, than ethics. ugly harder
to turn into a beautiful, than perfect
disfigure. Requires sapper,
to make the dangerous security.
These attempts should be applauded,
provide full support.
But, detached from the body, eye
probably prefer to live somewhere
in Italy, The Netherlands or Sweden.

August 1989, Torö

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Joseph Brodsky
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