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- There he is on the side.
Wind around snuot.
Each oak crown
Hundreds of crows singing.
- Where is he not hear.
Foliage rustles in the wind.
What did you say about the roof,
I can not make out the words.
- The Crowns,I said, in crowns
Dark birds shout.
Fly from heavenly thrones
Hundreds of his grandchildren.
- But was he a crow?
The wind laughs in darkness.
- What did you say about the crown?
Your words, I do not understand.
- to hide their efforts
He was in the dark of night.
Everything ,I did - wings
Bird black one.
- Wind prevents me, wind,
Uymi it, Christ, uymi.
What was he doing in the world,
If he was with people.
- Leaves thoughtful babble,
And he is not breathing.
You see a cloud in the sky,
It is his soul.
- Now I know what you mean:
Gone, He flew in the night.
Now he is, hugging
The roots of the oak groves
- the roof I do, roof,
Of thick oak foliage.
It lies a quieter lake,
Beneath the grass.
His crowning, I mist,
Crown him to match.
- How did he land there under?
- So, now do not get up.
There he lies with a crown,
There I forgot it.
- Surely it was a crow?
- Bird, the bird was.

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