The day came to an end, as if it…


The day came to an end, as if it
He was alive and, sitting by the window,
I am looking at sitting down in the pines
light fading day
and I DO NOT want to light a fire,
and flash bright frosty smallpox
in the glass exceeded the Milky Way,
and tea was drunk, and it's time to sleep…
The day came to an end, as did all the days
its great and unbearable life,
and the sun went down, and the glass is not lit
racemes stars, but drizzle; us
One candle is not broke, and tea
He was drunk, and, zadremyvaya chair,
you woke up, shuddering, if a
Suddenly floorboard squeak chance.
But it was squeaking, not caused by one's
the presence; Have a night,
Lee's departure. That was the usual creaking
cracked wood, whose age
It allows himself
poskripыvatь, firmly, that nowhere
not this, who cause this noise could b,
no one, who could hear this cry.
The day came to an end. And in terms of the day
everything was really over. What if
that was - had to
another day, as if we got into,
defying calligraphy, of fields,
giving us the right to prolixities,
dragging his tea, sunsets, monogram
window frame, şoroxi, dremotu.


She had lived for so long, that the days
Now in all its diversity
are able, probably, only did
then repeat, that they did
with her.


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Joseph Brodsky
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