Having passed all their exams, she is
to him on Saturday to invite a friend,
It was evening, and tightly sealed
It was a bottle of red wine.

A Sunday began with rain,
and guest, tiptoed between
creaking chairs, He took his clothes
with loosely into the wall to hammer a nail.

She took the cup from the table
and threw the remains in the tea mouth.
The apartment is at this hour still asleep.
She was lying in the bath, feeling

all skin peeling bottom,
and emptiness, smelling soap,
I crept into it through another
hole, acquainting with the world.


The door silently pretended to hand
was - he shuddered - Soiled; pryacha
it in his pocket, he heard, how to surrender
with wine splashed in the depths of his jacket.

Prospect was empty. Of downpipes
water flowed, Smetana butts.
He remembered a nail and a trickle of plaster,
and somehow suddenly swollen lips

slipped the word (God forbid
from all his imprinted),
and if there is not a taxi came,
he would be dumbfounded amazement.

He undressed in her room,
without looking at pripahivaet then
key, suitable for a plurality of doors,
trafficking first stunned.


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Joseph Brodsky
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