Tea Party

“Tonight I dreamed Petrov.
is he, lifelike, I stood at the head.
I thought to ask about health,
but I realized the tactlessness of these words”.

She sighed and took a
look at the engraving in a wooden frame,
where a man in a straw panama
accompanied by a surly bull.

Petrov was married to her sister,
but he loved sister-in; in that
confessing her, He last summer,
go on holiday, He drowned in the Dniester.

ox. Rice field. welkin.
driver. plow. Under the new furrow
like grains: "In memory Ivanova"
and completely unreadable: «of…»

Tea is drunk. I get up from the table.
In her pupils gleaming point
stars - and understanding, what,
arise, he, she gave him b.

She goes down on me in the yard
and draws a hidden languishing,
rather, armed with her eyes
to the stars, mathematically far.


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Joseph Brodsky
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