Flight into Egypt (2)

In the cave (which neither is, and shelter!
More reliable amount of right angles!)
in a cave, they were warmly threesome;
smelled of straw and tryapem.

Straw was the bed.
Outside grind sand storm.
AND, remembering his grind,
awake tossed mule and ox.

Maria prayed; fire boomed.
Joseph, frowning, staring into the fire.
Baby, It is too small
to do something else, snooze.

Another day behind - his
тревогами, fears; with "o-go-go»
will, sent troops;
and closer to one another - century.

Quietly they were that night the three of us.
The smoke rushed into the doorway,
so as not to disturb them. mule only
the COE (or an ox) sigh.

Star looked over the threshold.
The only one among them, who could
know, that her eyes meant,
It was a baby; but he did.

December 1995

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