Eugene Rhine

architecture, the ruins of a mother,
envy clouds,
whose gray head seethe,
on whose meadows
walks the bomber,
then - more invulnerable
for sight - spy common
part - Seraph,

only you alone, architecture,
darling, bride, perl
space, whose lip is not stupid,
like Tasso sang,
showing immense courage,
that we do not comprehend,
justifies area, address,
pocked brick.

You, in fact, then, what nature
unable to cope. woman relevant
He does not dare to expect offspring
from currency,
trying to stop the quest,
get rid of the fuss.
But the future - a thing of stone,
and that - you.

You - vacuum Empress.
Faceted your crusting
in your hand crystal sparkles,
going to increase
faster Everest;
put on the pyramid, in a cube,
so the idea space tochitsya
the Kronos Zub.

Born in the imagination,
which outlive,
you - the next movement,
step by drawing
naturalness, roslykh khijin,
pursuing their loft,
- in the wrong direction, heard from
One tick-tock.

Sighing about his Penates
in plant motives, etc.,
you - for more sverhpernatyh
creatures roost,
not so much to start playing in the dolls,
like thinking, that lifted up,
prudently opened his canopy
like a parachute.

Time noise, known, nothing
parry. But, in its turn,
I need it in things harder, than
both in society and in the home.
Time for your temple, your rubbish
relatives as an interlocutor thousands
like us.

What could be more eloquent,
than inanimateness? Only
self oblivion, whose Niwa
you brain pylish
not so much dials, how much
galaxy itself, of Communications
and knowing the role of the fragment
pressing a little there.

You, roughly speaking, sated
outstretched looking at their faces,
We sifting through a sieve
Year. units,
flirting with the light,
taking the form of a loan from him,
To understand, we, what this
we have faced.

To the ethereal abstract envy
and vice versa for you,
yours, architecture, ovary,
but also the fruit of.
And if in the ionosphere
really all zeros,
your loss, at least,
the end of the earth.


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