Aqua new life

F. IN.

Whisper "Goodbye" is not known to whom.
Not the ghost, right, thy,
then he, poddakivatь Gorazd,
in response to the empty palm has not filed.

And this is as it were a new feature:
Triumph does not have voice, but the mouth,
like fish disclosed for
silently bubbling "la".

Aquarium recognized comfort,
where no tears poured and the songs do not sing,
where the air dangling hand
acquires properties fin.

So you, overcome the kind of
Having closed extremity of the Nereids,
of our water vyprastyvaya eyebrow,
write about the, that grows cold blood,

that the density of the cerebellum area of ​​pain
grew. That the memory of the pupil
do not poke. the pain, shutting up the mouth,
internal organs screaming.


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Joseph Brodsky
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