Here lived Petrova. Can not…

Here lived Petrova. Can not
remember even the name. By God.
seems, probably, that lie,
and I - I do not remember. By this threshold
I am often approached on the run,
but only twice… No, the bank of
as memory, for if large quantities,
I would have remembered… And so - no gu-gu.
Verneuil, not so. hurry, conversely
it would have been. But there is no talk
something bright… The devil will disassemble!
just remember, in the midnight time,
when my husband broke, I - screwball –
like udirayushtemu Voru,
from the balcony on the tarmac at the traffic lights
I crawled in lobster, backward-forward.
Now she's in the police. knocks
machine. obsolete matron
looking out the window. There's a tree sticking out.
Ravens on tree rave.
And the inventory of carriage shouts:
"Shot cartridges in August".
Of bags get out pasta.
And behind the wall toilet gurgling.
Tragedy? Would.


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Joseph Brodsky
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