Here lived Melzi. Soul, as they say…

Here lived Melzi. Soul, as they say…
It was with him to the army in order.
But, removing anti-nuclear outfit,
he found out, that sweat heels.
He immediately turned itself into the category of
patients, untouchables. And look
his faded. He fits in notebooks
their preparation for the drug.
notebooks gromozdilisy.
In the dark
He frantically rushed to pharmacies.
drugs were, but they.
On lʹstil and pereplačival after waiting,
I swallowed and then listened in the belly.
despair. In this hectic
he was, it seemed, the same man.
Finally he came to the line
the last, as I thought.
but then
shabby roommate,
by type of real midget,
He took his main attribute,
more real in the twilight world.
He stuck his head into the yoke,
and so, not knowing in his own outhouse
calmness, he submitted to the Institute.
Not, he did not come to life. Someone behind him
science gnawed. And it is not changed.
He simply plunged into nature
and dragged to, who threatened me
do plasma, with a cry of "what!?»
But soon, to top it off,
He firmly and permanently contracted.
And ending with a momentary kinship
the boy. Can, for the better.
he again
hanging on clinics to no avail.
When my sister pumping blood
from a vein, He comes for a short while
a - order, that with heels. And eyebrow
he puckers, like a needle pricked,
able only to utter, what “wolf
nourish feet”, hearing: "Love".


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Joseph Brodsky
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