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True cases never become causes.
You would have found it all, probably,more than.
probably, now
You feel indifference.
However, he
I did not feel indifference,
For a handful of ashes left of it,
Packed with the world, a dusty road,
Packed with the wind, with a large sky,
In which he did not find God,
For not paying their eyes to the sky.
Earth - it was closer to him
He studied in the Zaragoza human right
And - human circulation in Paris.
Yes, he did not find God
Neither a,
nor in the sky,
no icon,
Because it did not look up
From human and roads.
Because all life left
the chase.
Son of a century - he walked away from his
Wrapping in a cloak
by soglyadataev, hunger
and snow.
By studying the need and opportunity
Person, studied human
for man
He never turned his eyes to the sky,
Because thousand five hundred fifty-third year
In Geneva
He burned between the two poles of the century:
Between human hatred
And ignorance of man.

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