At night the garden under a bunch of ripening mangoes
Maximilian dances the, that will be the tango.
Shadow WHO - revolves likeness boomerang,
temperature, both under his arm, thirty six.

Flashes white vest lining.
Mulatto melts with love, like chocolate,
in the men's embrace of sweet snuffling.
Where necessary - smoothly, where necessary - wool.

In the silence of the night under the canopy of the virgin forest
Huarets, acting as the engine of progress,
have forgotten completely, It looks like two pesos,
peons new rifles issues.

shutters klatsat; in lined cells
Huarets statements makes mark.
And the parrot is very tropical colors
He is sitting on a branch and sings so:

Contempt for one's neighbor in sniffing roses
let it not be better, But honestly civil posture.
And that, and this gives rise to blood and tears.
Especially in the tropics we, where death, Alas,

spreads, like flies - infection,
il in the café successfully thrown phrase,
and where the skull in the bushes always three eyes,
and in each - a magnificent tuft of grass.


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Joseph Brodsky
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